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ehekic asked
you should write a glee version of the office

So here’s what you missed on The Office: Michael started a Glee Club at Dunder Mifflin High in order to impress a woman. Which woman? Well, it’s not Jan Levinson, the cheerleading coach. She’s terrifying. Or wait, maybe he was trying to impress her. “I’ll tell you this, it is not because of the boob job.” Yeah, okay. Jim’s head over heels for Pam who’s with Roy who’s really only interested in himself. And football. Meanwhile, Andy gets all the solos… but nobody really wants to hear him sing. “In your head–” Okay, that’s enough. And that’s what you missed on… The Office!

  1. killercereal said: A glee version of the office! What a crazy idea. Who would be tap tap doolally enough to write that?
  2. ehekic said: omg that was hilarious. but… i take it back, dumilibra is bettar
  3. quicktimeplaya said: brilliant. five stars. i’m still loling.
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